We have just completed our first 3 days of hosting the health professional practical treatment courses. It was a great success with all the participants leaving with a different view on how to approach and treat Multiple Sclerosis, the one compounding response was that they could now see how much HOPE there actual is for those living with MS.

Participants thoroughly enjoyed the layout of the day with a small element of theory but a real focus on the practical clinical application, they watched treatment demonstrations on individuals with MS and also performed treatment themselves on volunteers with MS. We were extremely lucky to have a wide range of volunteers which allowed the participants to see how different the presentation AND treatment of MS can actually be.

All of our volunteers were under educated about living with best management of their MS and under treated regarding the physical potentially, all of our volunteers left with a changed and increased perception of how impactful neurological rehabilitation and treatment could be for them.

Listen to three of the participants describe what they got out of attending the courses by watching the videos on the right.