Living with MS or newly diagnosed?

This program is designed to maximise your understanding of how MS can be positively influenced by exercise, combining education with a neuroprotective exercise program specific to you and your needs.

Research shows a six week program improves cardiovascular fitness, fatigue, pain, strength, and can make positive changes in health behavior in both MS and general populations.

Physical aspects covered;

  • Warm up and cools downs

  • Strenghtening

  • Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Balance retraining

  • Functional exercise retraining

  • Stretching and flexibility

  • All delivered in a high intensity interval program

Educational components covered;

  • Fatigue Managment

  • How to exercise to best manage your MS

  • How to manage pain

  • How to protect your cognition and manage your mental wellbeing

  • Introduction to what other services you may find helpful during your MS journey

  • How to continue independently once the 6 week course is completed

No local provider?

Ask your local therapist to become an instructor!