Hydrotherapy or water-based therapy has been used by humans for thousands of years. The benefits of being in water have been reported far and wide, however for those living with MS it can be unclear if it is worth the hassle. There have been concerns raised about heat sensitivity or just generally getting out the pool and feeling significantly worse. Which can be really off-putting.

However, with the right understanding of how to manage heat sensitivity and neuromuscular fatigue, hydrotherapy has been shown to be just as effective if not more effective for producing functional improvements for some people living with MS compared to normal land-based exercise.

Update your knowledge on the latest information, research evidence, and “how to’s” around MS and Hydrotherapy…….it is definitely worth getting wet for and a completely underutilised treatment option currently.

Please watch this recorded webinar which was delivered to the Advance Rehab Centre in Sydney, Australia in November 2023.