Everyone living with Multiple Sclerosis can have HOPE that a better quality of life is possible

Our Vision

Is to provide a life changing, therapist lead, rehabilitation program to anyone living with Multiple Sclerosis around the world

The Story So Far

MS Get a Head Start was first created in 2013 when Gilly Davy was working as a senior neurological physiotherapist and clinical educator at the Advance Rehab Centre in Sydney, Australia. She had been involved in the development of the innovative and life changing program PD Warrior. With the results that Gilly was seeing first hand for those living with Parkinsons Disease, combined with the developing evidence around driving neuroplasticity and neuroprotection through intensive exercise, Gilly started to research into why this approach was not being provided to those living with Multiple Sclerosis.

The issues were mostly; fear about doing the wrong exercise, fear about making their MS worse and overall, a large element of “vagueness” around exercise prescription in general for both the individual with MS and therapist trying to deliver the exercise. This was also coupled with poor compliance and maintenance  levels post exercise interventions.

78% of those living with MS complete no form of physical activity.

After extensive research Gilly formed the 6 week program of intensive interval based hydrotherapy exercise alongside six education topics. At ARC Gilly provided MSGHS as an innovative approach ultimately geared towards empowering self management of MS. The pilot results speak for themselves about the impact of the program.

100% of clients improved on all their functional measures

85% of clients remained in regular exercise at a 1 year follow up

25% overall average improvement in self reported fatigue

There is some current research being conducted on MS GHS please contact us if you are also interested in researching the program outcomes

6 Core Principles

6 Educational Topics

  • Fatigue Managment

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Pain Management

  • Cognitive and Mental Health Management

  • Other Services

  • Where to From Here

As far as we are aware there are no other current intensive MS programs that offer this model of education and high intensity circuit exercise, both online and face to face.

MS Get a Head Start is one of the most exciting opportunities out there for those living with Multiple Sclerosis

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Gilly Davy – Founder and Director

Passionate about empowering those living with neurological conditions

Gilly Davy