Empowering those living with
Multiple Sclerosis

An innovative six week high intensity exercise and education program to empower self management

It’s about time those living with MS were provided with some HOPE.

MS Get a Head Start is an evidence based, therapist lead exercise program that changes lives for those living with Multiple Sclerosis.

As a therapist you can enable individuals to take control of their MS, give them detailed education, the confidence to positively exercise and slow down MS disease progression.

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  • Downloadable resources, including client and instructor booklets

  • Extensive exercise options and ideas

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What is MS Get a Head Start?

Get a head start in managing your Multiple Sclerosis. Implementing the latest evidence based treatment, this innovative program has been designed to empower and educate those with MS. By combining high intensity progressive interval exercise, structured around a framework of six core principles of exercise specific to MS and education. This six week program empowers people by giving them the knowledge and skills to take control of their MS.

Why MS Get a Head Start and why now?

Everyone living with Multiple Sclerosis can have hope that a better quality of life is possible.

The exercise approach to MS has radically changed in response to implementing evidence into practice. Inactivity levels in people with MS are dangerously high, as many as 80% are not participating in any form of exercise regularly. Resulting in increased risk of secondary health complications, including heart and lung disease, as well as progression of MS symptoms.

Exercise can potentially be neuroprotective and does have a positive impact on your MS

The Ultimate Goal of MS GHS

  • To build confidence and empower self management of MS

  • To provide a life changing, therapist lead, rehabilitation program to anyone living with Multiple Sclerosis around the world

The 6 Educational Components

  • Fatigue Management

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Pain Management

  • Cognitive and Mental Health Management

  • Other Services

  • Where to Next

Who would benefit from the MS GHS Program?

Anyone living with MS would benefit from this program due to the variety of exercises, which can be tailored to the individual even during a group session. The education has relevance to all abilities, especially if you are:

  • Newly diagnosed

  • Currently inactive and not exercising

  • Unsure what is the best exercise for you and your MS

  • Concerned about your fatigue levels and exercise

  • Unaware of the neuroprotective elements of exercise

  • Unsure how you can exercise with a physical limitation

  • Needing help to stay motivated to exercise

  • Keen to learn and understand as much as you can about your MS

  • Wanting to make a positive change

On completion, MS GHS delivers to you a personalised exercise program that you can continue with independently, together with a detailed understanding of the positive impact of exercise on Multiple Sclerosis.

BUT what about fatigue?

There can be many barriers to exercise and one of the main ones for people living with MS is fatigue. As you will learn through MS GHS, exercise can have a positive effect on fatigue, and will NOT make your fatigue worse, if you follow the guidelines on how to correctly exercise for your MS. To date there has been no research article published on MS and exercise, that has recorded any form of adverse effect from exercise or that exercise has caused a relapse.

Gilly Davy – Founder and Director

Passionate about empowering those living with MS and other neurological conditions

Gilly Davy - Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Program Provider