Here you will find some exercise videos, recorded during the New Zealand Covid lockdowns, for those able to work on the floor/standing and for those who can only work from a seated position.  They are easy to follow, full of tips on how best to perform them no matter your mobility, and of course they are all based on evidence showing just how much consistent application helps slow disease progression.

Please note that you should only be participating in exercise if you are medical safe to do so, please also only work to your own ability and ensure you remain safe. For specific exercise input for your individual presentation of MS, please see a neurological physiotherapist or visit our FIND A PROVIDER page.

We hope you enjoy following them, if you have any queries on any of the exercises click on Contact Us and let us know.

Seated Exercises

These videos are for those who are not able to stand up easily, ideal for those who use a wheelchair for their mobility.

Seated Exercises set A/1

Seated Exercises set A/2

Seated Exercises set A/3

Total Body Exercises

These videos are for those who are able to get on an off the floor and able to complete exercises in standing.

Exercises set B/1

Exercises set B/2

Exercises set B/3

Week 1 Program

Week 2 Program

Week 3 Program

Week 4 Program

Week 5 Program

Week 6 Program

Week 7 Program

Week 8 Program