At MS Get a Head Start we are passionate about helping as many individuals living with MS as we can to maximise their quality of life. So to assist both those living with MS and Health Professionals interested in learning more about the powerful impact exercise and physical activity can have on MS, we have put all the free to access resources and webinars on this page for you. Enjoy!

Hydrotherapy and Multiple Sclerosis – Is it worth getting wet

This webinar covers the latest research evidence behind the benefits of hydrotherapy for people with MS, as well as covering the “how to’s” to ensure it is a positive experience.

Managing Your MS Symptoms When Things Heat Up – Webinar

This short webinar covers some basic physiology of what happens when we overheat but importantly gives you some practical tips that can hopefully assist you to manage in hot weather or when exercising.

Exercise & keeping active – top tips and current exercise guidelines

Gilly discusses how important exercise is as part of best practice in the management of MS, and gives guidelines on how to overcome difficulties in keeping a consistent routine.

Webinar on NZ’s first MS patient who received a successful aHSCT.

Watch a panel of experts discuss the protocols and rehabilitation recommendations around New Zealand’s first successful MS aHSCT.

Looking After Our Bodies: Inside and Out Webinar

This webinar discusses the latest evidence around what type of exercise as well as the most important question of what intensity level, for how long and how often

What is foot drop and how to treat it Webinar

This webinar discusses what are the different causes of foot drop in MS and practical treatment approaches

What Neuro Physio’s hope the multidisciplinary team knew WEBINAR

This webinar provided an update on what neurological physiotherapists were currently up to in regards to MS treatment, while providing key points that would benefit MS Nurse Specialists

Supporting those living with MS through COVID19 Lockdown

Providing some motivational advice of how you can harness time during the Covid19 lockdown to work on brain health, fatigue management and exercise challenges.

LIVE Recording from 2019 Progress in MS Research Scientific Conference

Presenting the powerful effects that exercise can have on those living with Multiple Sclerosis using the MS Get a Head Start program.