Although living with and being diagnosed with MS is a awful thing to happen to anyone, the glimmer of good news is that the research world in MS is progressing at an impressive rate. Though we may still be a very long way off from finding a cure for MS there is more and more substantial evidence to support vital elements that could have some of the most significant positive impact on MS and its trajectory.

In October I was asked if I would present a webinar to the New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust on what is the latest research evidence around exercise and Multiple Sclerosis – how much of what.

In this webinar I cover the details of what type of exercise as well as the most important question of what intensity level, for how long and how often. There have been some significant research articles published in the last couple of years to really support the direction of exercise prescription in MS. More webinars from NZ MS Research Trust can be found here.

The main research article referenced can be found by clicking here