We were humbled by a great turn out both at the evening presentation and via our live stream of the event. I started the evening by discussing the reasoning behind WHY a program like MS Get a Head Start is needed. With the pivotal point that there is still currently 80% of the population living with MS whom are completely inactive, that is referring to physical day to day activity not even exercises. As health professionals this is shocking and actually embarrassing when over the last 25 years there has been extraordinary gains in research and our understanding of the consequences of secondary immobility.

One of the reasons I am so passionate to promote the use of the MS GHS program is the results where individuals continue to astound me. We see vastly significant improvements over only a 6 week period in self-reported self-efficacy and quality of life as well as physical changes in areas such as hand dexterity which we do not even address in the program. Proving the systemic effect of high intensity exercise on neurological and physical function.

Two participants of the program ranging from 24 years post diagnosis to 1 year post diagnosis said a few words about how the program has impacted and helped them. Both really highlighted the power of the education and the confidence provided after realising they could complete high intensive exercise.

Then we had the pleasure to hear a short but impactful presentation from Abi Blanchet on the power of the gut microb on our cell function and how diet is so important to overall health and wellbeing.

As with all firsts, there is many lessons to learn, this was our first live feed and we are apologetic that the streaming was unclear due to internet buffering speeds and lack of having a microphone to hand. So we have several options for you now

The health professional online course is now ready to be started, if you are someone living with MS encourage your local therapist to complete the online course.