Individuals living with MS do not technically have foot drop, but they have decreased ground clearance due to neuromuscular fatigue which results in the individual either dragging their foot, tripping or significantly compensating their gait pattern to be able to walk. Often clinically referred to as Foot Drop, it is usual for this to be one of the initial symptoms individuals with MS notice and most likely to be one of the main symptoms that dramatically reduces their walking distance, confidence and overall physical activity levels.

What most individuals living with MS do not know or understand is how well this symptom presentation can be treated with clinical input in the form of strengthening exercises, stretches, orthotics and gait retraining. Successful management of foot drop in MS can have significant impact on quality of life and improving physical activity participation levels.

If you want to be assured that as a health professional you are providing your MS patients with foot clearance advice and treatment, come and join us for this 1 day practical course.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Live demonstrations of assessment, treatment and clinical reasoning by Gilly

  • Correct assessment of decreased ground clearance

  • How to identify and treat neuromuscular fatigue

  • Key range of movement and strength based exercises

  • Orthotic prescription

  • Patient treatment hands on section of the day to ensure you are able to translate your new learnt skills and apply then into clinical practice

Morning and Afternoon tea provided

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